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I prefer calling myself a young accounting professional. Young not because I am in 20s, or someone who is just beginning a professional career. I might be somewhere at “dead centre of middle age” or may be just about to reach there (my certificate age, two years higher, will mislead you in this case). In words of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, young people should have and develop the courage to think differently, to travel the unexplored path and to conquer the problems and succeed. I may not fit exactly in his words, but in some aspects I do. So I believe I am young, and slowly approaching the best age of my life, with around 14 years of strong professional experience of advising/auditing banks, private and public enterprises & not-for-profit clients in Nepal.

I qualified from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) in 2006 when the institute had just started producing Chartered Accountants.  Despite working as an auditor, I developed a keen interest in taxation, that led me to achieving  Advance Diploma in International Taxation qualification from CIOT, UK in 2013.  Not more than a year back, I was the international contact and managing partner of Baker Tilly Nepal group- having founded the firm  Dev Associates, Chartered Accountants in 2006 and  Baker Tilly Nepal Pvt. Ltd.  in 2007. Baker Tilly International is the world’s eighth largest accounting network, and the firm in Nepal is regarded as one of the best in terms of clients, experience and local brand. It was a rewarding career for me, which enriched me with experience. I worked as partner-in-charge for audits of more than 20% national level commercial banks of Nepal, served large International Development Organizations (from UN bodies to leading INGOs) and advised several multinational companies. But as it goes, the biggest risk in life is not to take any risk, and so I left the lucrative position, to explore a different path for the future. These days I am involved in developing QuickAnswers on Income Tax for Nepalese organizations.

I believe that knowledge grows with sharing and so I constantly look for those opportunities, and enjoy sharing my knowledge in forums, providing lectures on audit and taxation and writing related articles. In several facebook pages, students and CA/ACCA members know me as Dev Annie. I was the key resource person in CCMA from 2006 to 2010 for income tax paper of ICAN Chartered Accountancy course, and after that I was a regular faculty for five years in National College of Accountancy, a gold accredited college of ACCA, for Advance Audit and Assurance paper (P7) of ACCA, UK. Beside this, I have delivered lectures on audit, tax and international tax on several forums, ICAN CPE programs, corporate training and workshops in Nepal.

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