Nepal Tax Online- Our new initiative

This month we launched our online Nepal Tax portal for subscription. It was a difficult journey, a concept that we started a year back, and still working further on it.

This is the first Nepal Tax portal with all the resources in income tax in one place, including legal cases (from Nepal & India), solutions to practical issues, public circular & rulings and tax laws of last five years.

The tax resource that we are building in the portal is unprecedented in Nepal and in the long run, this will be helpful for everyone- tax payers, auditors, advisors, INGO, businesses and even for students.  We are glad that we are receiving very good response to it, and will be continuing this work.

The interview below was taken by Artha Sarokar in its 51st episode, where I have explained the concept of Nepal tax online and how it benefits everyone. Further details are available on our website

What matters to me?

These days I often face question, weren’t you doing what mattered to you?

What matters to me? A question easy to ask, but difficult to answer. I have tried to response it in several instances, but I understand I haven’t been able to satisfy anyone with my answer. We cannot always satisfy other, and its being true to yourself that is essential. Still, the question remains. What is it that matters to me? Its the other way of saying, what is that which really drives me, or comes before anything else.  It was back in 2013 when I first pondered on this to draft into words & wrote the first version of this post.

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Minimum Audit Fees- Why increment is justified?

The Kantipur article   on audit fee begins with “Up to 10 times higher than the current fees.” The Supreme Court stay order in an appeal of a Cooperative has sparked a new debate on ICAN’s decision to increase fee to be charged by its members for audit and other services. Would 10 times high make sense if the initial base is low? Or is the recent fee increment by ICAN really so high that it can’t be justified?

The Supreme Court stay order is based on premise that determination of audit fee is the scope of AGM of the organization and ICAN, in absence of any specific legal provision, cannot limit right of an AGM. While it appears legally correct, the issue should be evaluated and judged considering other broader aspects of the issue.

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Away yet attached- why I left Dev Associates

Even after more than a year since I formally left Baker Tilly Nepal, I still face the same questions, whenever I meet someone. Why you left the firm? You were doing good, so what was the problem? Look, partnership do not succeed in Nepal….and so and so. Besides, there are assumptions too, taking a round, about the possible reasons, which is not doing good for my colleagues in the firm and me too.

Hence I felt that its good to share the reasons. Instead of explaining it, it is even better to reproduce the major content of my resignation letter that was submitted to the firm. So, here we go. For your information.

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