What matters to me?

These days I often face question, weren’t you doing what mattered to you?

What matters to me? A question easy to ask, but difficult to answer. I have tried to response it in several instances, but I understand I haven’t been able to satisfy anyone with my answer. We cannot always satisfy other, and its being true to yourself that is essential. Still, the question remains. What is it that matters to me? Its the other way of saying, what is that which really drives me, or comes before anything else.  It was back in 2013 when I first pondered on this to draft into words & wrote the first version of this post.

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Away yet attached- why I left Dev Associates

Even after more than a year since I formally left Baker Tilly Nepal, I still face the same questions, whenever I meet someone. Why you left the firm? You were doing good, so what was the problem? Look, partnership do not succeed in Nepal….and so and so. Besides, there are assumptions too, taking a round, about the possible reasons, which is not doing good for my colleagues in the firm and me too.

Hence I felt that its good to share the reasons. Instead of explaining it, it is even better to reproduce the major content of my resignation letter that was submitted to the firm. So, here we go. For your information.

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